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Airwing Travels is your one-stop solution for the best fares at great value in Business and First-class travel worldwide.


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For the past 29 years, Airwing Travels has been providing unmatched discounted Business & First Class fares with personalized customer service to our clients. Our employees have combined experience of more than 50 years in the travel industry.

Airwing Travels is a New York-based travel company founded in 1991. We specialize in discounted Business and First Class fares to destinations worldwide.


How It Works

About Airwing Travels

Airwing Travels is an offline booking system. We are your bridge between flights and discounted fares. Airlines and most travel websites indicate only published fares while we bring you different fare types (net/bulk/special negotiated fares) and ensure you always get the best deal.

How do I Book?

Please provide us with your travel details on the booking form, one of our experienced travel specialists will get in touch with you with the best deals.

How does Airwing Travels get better rates compared to airlines?

Through consolidators, airlines always distribute a small number of seats at significant discounts. Such discounted rates are not available daily nor on every flight, so being flexible helps. Airwing Travels uses a variety of different fares and search methods to get greater savings for our clients.

Why do I book with you and not directly with the airline?
  1. It is obvious you may think that by approaching the airline directly for booking, you will save “travel agent costs”. However, there is no reason or obligation for airlines to offer you the lowest price. Airlines want to charge you the highest rate on the market whether on the phone or Internet. This is why airline fares are far higher as departure time approaches. Through complex algorithms, airlines maximize profits by smartly increasing prices.
  2. Airwing Travels offer you much better rates given our extensive industry knowledge to consult on all possible flights and zero in on the one most suitable to your preferences.
  3. We offer after sales service, in case you need our help to make any changes in your itinerary.
  4. We build long-term relationships with our clients and guarantee client satisfaction which we believe is essential to our success.
How are you different from other websites like Orbitz and Kayak?

These  websites are often owned by one of the big airlines. They are simply online robots that aggregate all published fares on one screen. They scan  several airlines but don't really have any discounts. You can find a flight with them and then just go directly to that airline to book it. Our fares on the contrary are very different and much lower than published.

What are your average discounts?

We offer very good discounts as much as 70% or more at times. Our average discounts, however, are 15-35% for most flights. This depends on many factors such as the airline, destination and availability of seats.

Which airlines do you work with?

We work with all major international carriers.

Do you work with discount airlines?

Discount carriers don't offer any additional discounts to us. However, we can book them as part of your total travel itinerary if needed.

If you have such great discounts can I get a business class ticket for almost the same price as economy class or even less?

In spite of our great discounts, business class will often cost twice or thrice the  price of economy class.

Do your discounted fares offer mileage accumulation?

It varies, some fares do not accrue mileage, you will be advised accordingly

Are these fares refundable?

Depending upon the booking class and fare, consolidator and discounted airfares are both refundable and non-refundable.

Can I change my flights if I need to?

Yes, however there may be a difference of fare and additional change penalty when applicable.

What do I need before booking my tickets?
  1. Many countries require a six month validity of your passport beyond the date of entry. Kindly check your passport’s expiration date right away to have time to renew it prior to departure if necessary.
  2. It is also important to ensure you have the required visa along with a valid passport to enter the country of destination. Make sure you check with the consulate of the destination country for Visa requirements.
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